50-Hour Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Training (Structural Body Module)


Wednesday 24/6-2020 till Sunday 28/6-2020

The teaching will be held in two blocks:

Block 1: 8:00 – 12:00 
Lunch: 12:00 – 13:30
Block 2: 13:30 – 17:00

Link to booking: https://yogansa.gymsystem.se/member#/coursebook/460


This Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training combines the studies and practice of Myofascial release and 5 elements Qigong into the Yin Fascial Yoga perspective, aiming the healing of the held Trauma on the fascial and organ system.  This is an investigation into the physical body incorporating the Myofascial release and 5 Elements Qigong as a framework for our research into Yin Yoga, taking us deep to release our psycho – somatic imprints caused by traumatic events throughout our lifetime.


This dedicated training teaches students how to effectively release restrictions that are present at the body’s physical and energetic level, release and reprogram the body’s holding patterns, increasing health on a cellular level and conditioning the myofascial system. It will give students a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques and 5 elements Qigong to their Yoga practice and teachings.

The understanding and practice to keep the Vagus nervous heath able to play its role in the favor of the relaxation pattern.




  • bringing together Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga and TCM 5 elements Qigong for a complete system of Yin Fascial Yoga.
  • learning and practicing how to structure sequences for an effective and personalised Yin Fascial Yoga class
  • healing  the fascial tissues from traumatic events
  • TCM 5 elements lectures
  • understanding of fascial anatomy and physiology
  • Understanding of the superficial fascial lines and it’s application into Yin Yoga postures
  • understanding fascia and organs from 5 elements Qigong practices
  • becoming familiar with the quality of the connective tissue by practicing Myofascial Release adjustments into the postures
  • Release Myofascial tensions with Cupping
  • learning the relationships of the organs and meridians and their application to Yin Yoga
  • Understanding the Fascial areas that are affected by blockages in the TCM Meridian and Organ System




  • 2 Daily Yin Fascial Yoga practices and lectures
  • Lectures on Anatomy and Physiology of Fascia
  • The art of teaching (methodology) Yin Fascial Yoga
  • integrating Myer’s  Fascial trains concept into YFY classes
  • Yin Fascial yoga sequences for a variety of ailments
  • TCM Cupping for fascia release and healing
  • How to apply myofascial balls to massage and release tensions in the soft tissue
  • Applied anatomy and physiology for Yin yoga postures focusing on the fascial system, fascial lines and belts of tension
  • Five elements Qigong in relation to the organs and connective tissue in application with YFY
  • lectures on 5 elements Qigong and Daoism




  • ability to integrate Myofascial Release Therapy into your Yin Yoga classes
  • confidence to structure personalised and safe Yin Fascial Yoga
  • confidence in  how to manipulate connective tissue and fascial matrix
  • embodied integration of Daoism, TCM 5 elements Qigong relationships and the meridian system
  • Clear understanding of how trauma affects our nerve and fascial systems
  • more self -confidence and skills for your teachings
  • teaching from a space of personal expression and inner voice
  • understand of Fascia anatomy and physiology
  • a life changing personal development
  • Learn how to feel and manipulate fascia and free fascial restrictions
  • Learn how to apply Myofascial adjustments to Yin Yoga classes
  • Learn Self – Myofascial Release while in the postures
  • Learning Myer’s Myofascial lines and the Alexander Lowen belts of tension concept
  • Understand the connection between trauma and fascia
  • Through demonstrations and practices use Myofascial release techniques in the Yin Fascial Yoga for the entire body, including sacrum, pelvis, ankle, feet, legs, shoulders, arms, neck and jaws
  • Learn a powerful sacrum release technique




Regular price: 8700 SEK (820 euros)
EARLY BIRD: 7900 SEK (740 euros)
Early-Bird Deadline: 24/3-2020


  • Non-refundable deposit of 220 euros applies for each module!
  • Notice that the payments are non-refundable in case of cancellations later than one month before the training: 27/5-2020!





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