Yogic Contact Improvisation

Welcome to our Contact Improvisation Friday Jam.! From august and on we will arrange workshop & Jam every second Friday!

Welcome to Friday Contact Improvisation session with a yogic focus at Yogansa with Pablo Romero, Mateusz Krawiec and several guest teachers!

Dates autumn 2017:

  • Friday 6th of October
  • Friday 20th of October
  • Friday 3rd of November
  • Friday 17th of November
  • Friday 1st of December

Workshop with JAM 18:30-21:30
150 sek + optional donation

Address: Pipersgatan 26, Metrostation Rådhuset

Please make your reservation at:
(You’ll find the workshop under ”Workshops I Yogasalen” )
Contact: *protected email*

Warming up and activating the body on different levels by yogic breath work, internal martial arts practice and dance leading to structural work with weight giving and balance. There will be pair and group exercises using contact, communication and deep listening to expand the trust and belief in the possibilities of movement.

We will finish with an improvised jam where movement can range from small to huge and support a space of just ”beeing” in whatever arises (movement, stillness, gladness, sadness etc). ?

Short about CI (Contact Improvisation)

Roots in modern dance movement and influenced strongly from martial arts (like Aikido). Main focus (usually) to explore movement and improvisation, especially in contact, as an artform that can be directed towards dance or theater. Certain techniques like for instance center awareness, giving weight (to partners) and lifts are emphasized to give more tools in improvisation.


Usually a CI session begins with an introduction to help participant be more embodied and strenghten channels for contact. The intro then moves over to a fully improvised CI jam where movement and dance is free but it’s also part of the jam to just rest and be.

More about the focus for this initiative

Beyond the purely artistic expression CI can be a great tool to explore playfulness, touch, raw physicality, movement patterns, boundaries and a form of meditation in movement. This is yoga in the meaning of creating wholeness and unity within (body and spirit) and in relation to others (community).

To deepen the exploration of CI as a form of yoga we want to bring in perspectives and techniques from different forms of yoga, martial arts, tantra, bodywork and other somatic practices.


These range from increased mobility, strength, endurance, balance, perception and coordination to greater presence in movement and deeper connection to self and others. Tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system through breath and movement we release tensions in the body and mind going into a more intuitive mode where our being can guide us into healing movement. Breath, touch and movement also increases levels of oxytocin and endorphins thus balancing the hormonal system and giving more emotional wellbeing and resilience to stress. The element of contact can deepen our connection and ability to be close to each other and ourselves in a safe and listening way. As we go into improvisation we also tap into the enormous potential of the mind to process somatic information, thus expanding our thought patterns and perspectives – many times also in other areas of life.


Pablo has been exploring movement from an internal point of view throughout his whole life. He has practised and in periods taught hatha yoga, capoeira and contact improvisation since 1997. Other strong influences are: tai chi, qigong, bagua, karate, aikido, thai yoga massage, kundalini yoga, tantra yoga, yin yoga and vinyasa.

Namaste ?

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