Ayurvedic Treatments – Price list

For all ayurvedic treatment it’s recommended to do a cycle of treatments, meaning you do 3, 5, 7, or 9 treatments in the row as close to each other as possible for best result.

If you are a Yogansa Costumer you have 10% Discount on all of the treatments. Obs! The discount is not valid on specific offers.

For booking Contact Barbara:

SMS: 072-2658959

Email: *protected email*

Price list

Abyangha ( Whole body massage)  1 hour

 (First treatment 750 sek , second treatment  700 sek,  third treatment  and more  650 sek)


Padabyangha (Feet massage ) 40 min

( First treatment  550 sek, second treatment  500 sek, third treatment   and more 450 sek)


Shirobyangha ( Face, head, neck and shoulder) 40 min

( First treatment  550 sek, second treatment  500 sek, third treatment and more  450 sek)


Facial massage 30 min

(First treatment  450 sek, second treatment  400 sek, third treatment   and more 350 sek)


What to expect

All treatments includes short initial interview, sesame oil (specific herbalized oils are not included), 5 minutes of relax, hot shower at the end of treatments that helps to eliminate toxins,  hot herbal tea, disposable pants and towels.

You will need to bring their own  flip –flops.

Ayurveda suggest  us  to make cycle of treatments  3…5….7….9… to detoxine the body,  feel all benefits and recover.

The cycles would be in consecutive days or if it is not possible, is ok in alternate days or at least one a week.


Cancellations with notice less than 72 hours, i request the payment  of 50% of the chosen treatment- This is  to encourage  the commitment to oneself, the care of one’s own body-mind-soul  and respect for work .

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