Breath Work – Full Description

Breath -work;   LOVES BREATH

A Trans-formative and life changing practice of conscious connected breath-work.

Price for the whole course: 7200 SEK

This ancient sacred practice connects you with your Highest Conscious Self, that enables you to make new choices in Life based on Love instead of Fear.

Heal your body, heart and mind and reconnect with your own Intuition and Truth.

Feel Worthy and Deserving of love,

Feel safe and visible in the body and in the heart to express your true feelings, to be seen, valued and accepted for who you truly are.

Feel connected with your Inner child, creative, joyful, free and alive.

Feel empowered to make new unlimited choices. To follow your Dreams.

Feel Unconditional Love of Self and be in Presence to unconditionally love others.

 Some of the Benefits of Loves Breath

Increased aliveness, joy & creativity
Physical, emotional, and mental healing and well-being
Forgiveness and release of the past
Reduced stress and increased vitality and inner peace
Greater self-love and more loving relationships
Ability to manifest greater abundance and ease
Accelerated spiritual growth & awakening more deeply to one’s true Self
Attracting life partner
Greater sense of Life Purpose.

 The Course runs over a period of three months. 48 Hours.

The breath supports the experience of deep presence allowing tremendous shifts in consciousness to occur.

This course accelerates your transformation through exploring the art and science of Loves Breath-work™, deepening your intuition, and learning more about transcending old limitations, imprints and decisions in a safe, sacred space.

The practice of Breath work, as a tool for your own experience as a healing practice is taught on each of the Saturdays as;

  •  Palpable Forgiveness Workshops.
  • These days will cover the five essential elements of the breath work practice.
  • Making our home in the Breathing;
  • Coming into Presence with the Breath, Desire, Intention, Trust, Allow and Surrender to the Breath.
  • Guided meditation and relaxation in bringing Presence to the Breath.
  • Sessions will include guided meditation and relaxation, awareness of our body and our breath, sharing of our journey and celebrating unconditional love for ourselves!
  • Letters of Forgiveness and Sharing Circles.

The second part of the training is in Radical Inquiry.

Loves Breath with Radical Inquiry Intensive:

  • Deeper healing around birth, childhood. Heal mother/father wounding, relationship healing and sexuality.
  • Learn how to support others in this rewarding healing art.
  • A journey practice of Inquiry into the emotional patterns of behaviour in life which show up as Fear and choices in life based on Fear.

This questioning process with conscious connected breathing and Presence, leads to memories of early childhood and past lives, when unloving thoughts became stuck in the cellular memory as Beliefs.

Through this unravelling journey awareness is brought to the Truth of these memories as egoist projections that are not a reflection of who we truly are.

Once conscious awareness is there, a palpably felt shift in the body energetically takes place as an experience energetically releasing these emotions that have kept us imprisoned in Fear. As this occurs there is a shift energetically that opens to Love and with it a sense of Clarity of Knowingness and of Connection to Acceptance and Love of Self.

The Weekend Workshops which take place once each month will:

  •  Introduce Practices of Meditation with Inquiry.
  • Holding and guiding Sacred Sharing circles.
  • The use of Shamanic Sound, Movement and Voice as tools for healing.
  • The use of music to evoke feelings and memories, and the voice and body as an instrument of the Soul.
  • Body Awareness.
  • Soul Striptease.
  • A practice of bringing awareness to sensations felt within the body and how these feel energetically.

Clearing Beliefs: Sharing practices in twos or in a group that lead into the Inquiry work for healing into the breath-work.

  • Learning to lead group Breath-work Sessions including;
  • Practical time for demonstration of each person leading a workshop session.
  • Question and Answer times.

There will be set practices given as guidelines in between each month to support each other in small group sessions which can be held in each other’s houses or in a given venue.

Evaluations and Feedback. Integration and Declarations of Intentions and Truth.





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