Breath work with Sophia Magdalena

BREATH -WORK  Training Program

Re-birthing with Loves Breath -work and Radical Inquiry.

Three workshops:

  • Saturday 14th of October at 14.00-17.00
  • Saturday 25th of November at 14.00-17.00
  • Saturday 16th of Decemebr at 14.00-17.00

Price & reservation:

For each workshop: 450 SEK

Price: 450 sek
Make your reservation at:
Press ”Lilla Salen” to find the booking!
Contact: *protected email*



To lean the tools  of Loves Breath, an ancient  Breath -work practice of re-birthing and trans formation.

To be able to use Breath work with Inquiry as a daily healing practice for your own personal growth and transformation.

To be able to offer  Breath -work as a Group practice for workshops.

To be able to start offering one on one sessions with conscious breath -work and Radical Inquiry.


Breath-work is the quickest way to change our reality. It may seem impossible that a conscious connected breath could have so much influence, but it really does! Adopting the practice brings awareness to our life and the decisions we make.

With Breath-Work we increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. We awaken the system again, and for those that have meditated before, you will find the experience a powerful way to support your practice. For those who know they should meditate but don’t,  Breath-work will provide you with an instant opportunity to connect to the benefits of deep meditation.

The body is an archive of everything we are born with, as well as all the trauma we may have faced. Learning to live with and cope with unresolved traumas is possible, but limits us, What if there’s another method, one that connects us with ourselves in a positive, supporting and compassionate way.

In our busy lives, where the demands of our work and home life compound the stress and anxieties that we suffer, what if we had a tool that we could use as a remedy? One that could not just reduce the pressure, but reawaken our enthusiasm, reconnect us with our passion and even act as a guide for the way forward. What if the answer lies in each of us, and the quickest way to it is through our breath? Let us reduce the need for exhaustion, obsessive behaviour, and even medications as a way of finding balance and peace.



Sophia Magdalena (Verena Mostyn)

Sophia Magdalena has dedicated herself to Healing and to Serving for 40 years, since the early days of human personal development in San Francisco where she lived in the 70s.  Here along with other life supportive practices she studied Psychic Healing and Radical Self Inquiry. In coming to Bali in 2005, she experienced the teachings of The Way of Mastery, resonating deeply within her and she devoted herself to these teachings and the practices on a daily basis, at the Ashram in Ubud, in supporting her own healing transformative journey. 

Since then she has been facilitating Retreats and Workshops for women, in Bali, England, France and Sweden.  Holding space for women through conscious breathing, Loves Breath and Radical Inquiry tm, Sophia Magdalena guides women through the journey of bringing awareness to obstacles and beliefs blocking Self Love, in returning to the Truth and the Sacredness of Sexuality. 

Sophia Magdalena is also a member of the International Breath work Foundation, and has been extending her empowering practices to men and women, as a Facilitator of Love’s Breath, a re- birthing breath work practice, and as a Life Coach offering Private Healing Sessions. She is now based in Sweden and Bali and UK.

– Sophia Magdalena

Sophia Magdalena’s experience of being a conduit for Healing, “embraces a lifetime of learning from owning my experiences as my creations, and embracing the deeper beliefs that have caused me to live in fear and in pain. In so doing I now see the shadow side as jewels at the end of the rainbow that have brought me to a place of deep self- forgiveness, compassion and love”.

Sophia Magdalena has dedicated herself to Healing and to Serving from the early days of human personal development in San Francisco where she lived in the 70s.

In going to live in Bali in 2005, Sophia Magdalena experienced the spiritual teachings of The Way of Mastery, which resonated deeply within her. She devoted herself to these teachings and the practices on a daily basis which supported her own healing transformative journey.

She has for the past ten years been extending these healing practices in facilitating Love’s Breath and as a Transformational Coach, gives private sessions. She facilitates retreats for women, Awakening the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Sexuality workshops for men and women, in Sweden, the UK, France, and takes groups to Bali. She now lives in Stockholm.

”Sophia radiates light and love and she has the amazing gift of allowing whatever needs to be healed to come to the surface – without judgement or expectation. Her divine energy and compassion is carried throughout the workshop and I have seen great kindness and patience in the times I have met up with her since. I find her wisdom to be inspiring and her acceptance humbling.” – Anonymous

”I want to thank you so much for your creation, Awakening the Sacred Feminine. It is a very unique experience…I’m a sucker for analogies and to say, I went in a caterpillar and came out a butterfly, would accurately describe my experience. The caterpillar is limited in its movement and point of view. The butterfly has shape-shifted from inside out, into its full beauty. The changes have enabled it to view the world from a different perspective. There is no going back, I’ve gained an inner confidence, universal connection, beautiful perspective, new friendships, inspirations to chase and an abundance of love in my heart!” – Trina, Portland.
”Sophia really created a sacred space for the workshop and she has a gentle sensitive way of guiding that I believe is a true gift. I’m so grateful for the change that happened to me. Instead of feeling guarded and controlled, by the end of the workshop I felt ready to let go and open up to trust and to receive love. Today I want to celebrate that I’m a woman and I feel so much more trust and strength in myself and who I am. ” – Mia, Sweden.
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