Covid-19 info

Nedan kan du läsa om de extra åtgärder som Yogansa har vidtagit. Vi i Attuned Yoga har dragit ner på max antalet deltagare rill 10 personer. Vi har tillgång till 2 yogasalar och en stor danssal. Har du frågor eller om du är oroad, vänligen kontakta Anders: *protected email*


We have taken some extra measures during the summer term.

MOST IMPORTANT !! If you have ANY SYMTOMS whatsoever (be they small or big), please DO NOT come to the studio. Stay home and take care of yourself and help us take care of everyone who do come to classes.

We have moved all dance classes outdoor – Kungsholms Strand – and all classes have minimum of 15 minutes of break in-between them.
We have limited the spots to all classes. Please make your bookings in good time as we are unable to offer you much flexibility (as we usually do) by ”squeezing” extra people in. At this time, we need to follow these guidelines more than ever to ensure everyone’s safety.
Do bring your own mat and tools with you into the class if  possible!

We have also added extra cleaning of our studio spaces and make sure paper towels and hand sanitizers are available to you all. You are of course also welcome to bring your own hand sanitizer along.
We will make sure that our guidelines are readily available to you to read around the studio!

Please do email us at es.as1610789929nagoy1610789929@ofni1610789929 in case any questions or concerns arise!

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