Šaja Misolin


Šaja is a bellydancer known for her strong technique, layering and serpentine fluidity. Her dance is soft and feminine, but at the same time sharp and unpredictable. She is also known for her great musicality and unique ideas, with a reputation for professionalism, innovation and elegance.

She developes her dance style with a strong focus on technique and precision. She loves to combine different kind of techniques, use strong isolations with juicy flowing movement and mix it up with gentle oriental moves. Her main influences are oriental dance, tribal fusion, ATS, flamenco and classical indian dance Kathak. As a young dancer she stayed true to the tribal roots perfecting bellydance technique to great detail.

Journey of nearly 20 years of bellydancing has shaped her dance into a classy style and this is what she teaches today – classical bellydance with a modern vision.


Šaja currently teaches Belly Dance Fitness (Thursdays at 17.15) at Yogansa.

Book Šaja’s classes here.




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