Sisterhood Awakening – Retreat på Ibiza

Sisterhood awakening retreat – Ibiza June 2018
By and with Vafa Nadi, in collaboration with Yogansa
At retreat center Solara – Ibiza, Spain
9-16 of June 2018

Get to know your inner fire and celebrate the gift of life!

Activate your third eye, and reprogram your mind
NOW is the time to look into your heart and to be kind
Not only to others and mother Erath,
But most important be kind to yourself
And heal everything inside, that has been hurt

During six days and six nights together, we will experience the ancient power of dance and yoga. In self-empowering, sisterhood and awakening workshops in amazing settings at Ibiza ( The goddess island ) in the deep blue Mediterranean sea.
The goddess island Ibiza was worshiping the goddess Tanith, symbol of life, death, and rebirth.
When me Vafa, moved to Ibiza, and discovered the spiritual side of the island and met all the empowered women here, I strongly felt that this need to be shared.

Women all over the world needs to get in touch with their inner strength, and their full potential. And wat’s most important, we need to learn how to support each other and understand the powerful meaning of a sisterhood.
We invite you to join this retreat with your own intention and goals.
Our goal is to to wake up the sleeping Kundalini energy and unite the feminine and masculine energies within ourselfs.

We will combine ancient tools of empowerment with all the progress that the conscious and contemporary women of today has achieved. The workshop program is designed to suits all levels, you don’t need any experience of dance or yoga.
Except of the daily schedule the week will offer you one night out at Namasté, one of Ibizas oldest and most famous hippie clubs, and the day after will be spent with sisterhood chillout at the beach!

8.00 Morning Yoga
9.30 Breakfast
Freetime / Excursion
16.00 Workshop
18.00 Dinner
20.00 Open meditation / events

Morning Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga
Dance workshops: Bellydance, Ancient bellydancetechniques and history, Gypsie Fusion Bellydance with 12 yard skirt, Persian dance with veil, Shakti VS Kali

Price: 800 euro
Offer: Book two people for 1400 euro
Deposit: 100 euro
Last date for booking: 30th of April
Accodomodation: Shared room for two people
Included: Two meals per day, breakfast & dinner, all the workshops, 3 excursions.
Make your reservation to: *protected email*

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