Kelly Lawson

Kelly has been practicing yoga since she was first introduced to it as a teenager.  She knew right away there was something magical about this practice.  While living in New York City, Kelly found peace and balance through yoga, on and off the mat, while working a stressful and demanding career in the corporate world.  She discovered her passion to help others orient toward this same sense of balance, connection, and a healthy lifestyle and enrolled in Pure Yoga’s Teacher Training in 2014 in Manhattan.  Since then she has continued her training in Yin, Meditation, and Ayurveda and has taught throughout the US, Sweden, and internationally.  For Kelly, yoga is holistic, compassionate, and inclusive of all students’ various levels and backgrounds. Kelly’s classes encourage intelligent movement, self-expression, and a joyful connection between mind, body, and soul.  Kelly gives humble gratitude for her teachers; Kate Kuss, Yogi Charu, Kay Kay Clivio, Dana Slamp, James Brown, and many more who have helped her on her yoga journey.

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