Yogaretreat at Shambala, Borntorpet

Welcome to explore the subject Masculine & Feminine Energy and how to balance them! Yogaretreat at Shambala Gatherings 2-4th of November 2018.

Divine Unity Retreat: 2-4th of November 2018
Aligning the masculine and feminine within you
At Shambala Gatherings, Borntorpet, Skinnskatteberg
Early Bird price until 15/10: 3900 SEK
Introductional Workshop: October 6th 17.30-21.00

Come and celebrate the Union of the heart. Align, expand, all your divine feminine and divine masculine aspects in to wholeness. Giving your soul the tools to reach it’s full potential. Healing the wounded parts of duality and bringing them closer to source consciousness. Join us in divine feminine and divine masculine union of the heart!

We will spend the weekend together at Shambala Gatherings, a yoga community at Skinnskatteberg, 2 hours from Stockholm with car / train. You will be served nourishing vegan meals in a peaceful environment, in the forrest right in front of the lake Bornsjön. Please read more practical info further down!

If you are interested please join our introductional circle the 6th of october! 18.30-20.00 at Yogansa, for free.


Friday 2/11
16.00-18.00 Arriving
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Welcoming Ceremony
20.00 Embody the Divine – Ecstatic Dance with guest teacher Adam
21.30 Sauna (optional)
23.00 Sleep

Saturday 3/11
8.00 Kinetic Activation
9.30 Breakfast
11.00 Workshop – Unifying the Divine Masculine & Feminin (Sharing Circle)
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Workshop – Yin Yoga 2 & 2
16.30 Free time
18.00 Dinner
20.00 Cacao Ceremony & Primordial Sound
21.30 Sauna

Sunday 4/11
7.30 Yoga class & Breath Work
8.30 Lake and Sauna
9.30 Breakfast
11.00 Integration Workshop
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Closing Circle

Price 4400 sek
Early Bird: 3900 sek
Last day for Early Bird price: 15th of October
Included: All workshops, accommodation in shared rooms, all meals from dinner Friday until lunch on Sunday.

Payment conditions:
To reserve your spot the deposit is 1000 sek.
Payed in full by the 25th of October.
SWISH: 1233 95 90 95
Please leave message ”UNITY+Your Name”

Sign up to: *protected email*
Please tell us your name and if there is anything regarding your health we should be aware about. Also inform us if there is someone you prefer to share room with.
Single rooms are available for 500 sek extra per night.

More info about Shambala Gatherings:

Masculine & Feminine Retreat Introduction
October 6th we’re inviting you to a workshop about the masculine & feminine qualities within us.
Price for workshop & dinner: 400 sek
( Which will be deducted from the retreat-price! )

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts!


Harmony High-heart (aka Tiffany) is a 1000 Years of Peace Advocate, who works with the power of the heart to Heal, Uplift and Anchor The New World Template. Her love for Gaia has inspired her Infinity Healing work, 1-on-1 Ascension Guidance,
Moving Meditations, DNA upgrades, Key Activations and Temple Body Retreats. Her love for Gaia allows her to heal the heart space through pure presence!

Miguel Bonett is a Unity Consciousness Visionary and Sincere Seeker. He is a teacher of various movement and healing practices such as yoga, qigong, bodywork, transformational coaching, and sound work. Miguel holds sacred circles for Men allowing them vulnerably open and integrate their relationships to their part personalities, the Masculine and Feminine. Through a personal practice and cultivation of humble self realization, Miguel inspires all to live life to their fullest potential!

Maria Halldén is a Nature Honoring, Earth Priestess & Space holder who focuses on the embodiment of Unity Awareness through Yoga, Meditation and Self Love. Her mission in life is to live from the heart and to hold space for others to do the same. Her medicine often comes from being the bridge between the mind and the heart. Her use of Ancient Earth Wisdom allows her to vulnerably teach from a place of experience and authenticity.

Irini Dougias Andersson is a devoted Dance & Yoga teacher. She is the Founder & Owner of Yogansa, a true space for connection, collaboration and the expressive arts. Irini is dedicated to living her truth through playfulness and channeling her inner child. Her Passion in this life time is creating the space for others to grow though self empowerment. By radiating joy, Irini hopes to inspire others to live their passion by being authentic and Brave.

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