Anna Kirs

Anna is currently the first and only comprehensive Body Control Pilates® teacher in Sweden, certified to train general mat classes, on equipment as well as postnatal classes. She is also a teacher trainer in the Scandinavian region and holds a degree in Global Nutrition and Health with the focus on lifestyle and health coaching.

Her background in dance (classical ballet & contemporary dance) has enabled her to experience various approaches to working with the body – from training for a strong and durable physique to recovery from injuries.


Body Control Pilates is an exercising methodology suitable for anyone as it is easily modifiable to the client’s needs. We start with focusing on individual joints and movements of the spine to ensure that you have full range of motion and control of each body part. Gradually, developing into more complex exercises where movements are combined to test coordination and look for flowing sequences as you get more experience and a deeper body awareness.

“I believe that we should learn to listen to ourselves and what our body tells us, in order to take care of our health and wellbeing. It is important to me that my client understands why we are doing an exercise and what effect it has on their body because I wish my Pilates practice to have sustainable effects. So, that people could gradually make independent and informed decisions about their movement, general health and treat the body as a whole.”


You can also book private classes, duets and trios as well as consultations with Anna by emailing to moc.l1659919761iamg@1659919761setal1659919761ipsri1659919761kanna1659919761

Or simply check out her webpage:


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