Fall Schedules 2021

Welcome to a new semester, the return of some old favorites and some news in the lineup. After this amazingly warm summer we have a happy-nervous-butterfly-kind-of-feeling going into what feels like the beginning of something better. We are very proud and happy to present our new schedules and to invite you to our coming try-out weeks!

Holding the space where you can find quality resources to learn, move, play and create opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle. Or a place to heal and connect with yourself. We have always strived to make yoga and dance and everything else we do at Yogansa accessible. Our unique try-out weeks is just one example. We always invite you to share, express and grow and take part in this fantastic community. With all of your friends and family included if so be it! The last year has been tough, and the vibe has been low, but this summer has shown us that people are ready for life and new beginnings.

Now we want to try a more flexible monthly membership system that works as a kind of subscription that you can freeze or end at any time. These memberships will include unlimited access to all classes both at the studio and online, organic tea any time you visit us, discounts on workshops & events and much more, just as our yearcards and dancecards.

A new aspect in this membership is that we will have two different prices. To give you even more options to corporate in a way that suits you. One price for those who simply can pay a bit extra and contribute both to the studio and the community; and a lower price mainly aimed for unemployed and students.

Life could be short or life could be long. Nobody knows about that. Life is NOW and that is for sure. Take the responsibility of this time of your life to give yourself love!


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